Saturday, December 01, 2012

Running off Steam

After a roller-coaster week of some real lows, and luckily, 
even bigger highs, there was a break in the near constant rain.
We all had a lot of steam to run off...


 Vladi is running from tree to tree, as happy as can be.

 All of the rain has filled the three ponds.

 A pause to pick a trail, and then...

Vladi is off running again.

 Tanji pauses long enough to spray one tree...

 ...and sniff the moistened scents on another.

Unless he's running around, Tanji is hard to spot in the foliage.

 Uschi is super-charged, he wants to play...


All of this running is exhausting (but plenty of fun too).

1 comment:

silvia said...

hahaha, crazy v-chan hopping from tree to tree - tarzan reborn? ;)