Monday, November 05, 2007

Vladi Can Swim

The family was out for a late morning walk in an icy fog.
Vladi was exploring the waterfall and Tanji was on the opposite
side of the pond. I heard a splash and Lesley yell then go running.
I turned to see the concerned look on Lesley's face being washed
away with a laugh. Apparently, Tanji dipped his paw in the water
and then all of a sudden Vladi just lept off the waterfall into the pond.
Les said he did a full belly flop and went right under the water.
He then came up "doggy" paddling for the shore. Les scooped the
the dripping wet little spot out of the bushes then put him down
and he went running for the house.

Out of the way, I'm wet,...

My white fur is all wet,...

I went for a swim.




After a bunch of licking, being towel dried
and a nice lunch,

Vladi collapsed on the bed for a nap.

(We are going to need to keep a close eye on Vladi
because he also jumped in the full tub the other night)

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Anonymous said...

Chairman and Copernicus jump into the bath with me whenever i forget to close the door securely (and then complain loudly about being wet!) They also have a habit of sniffing candles (resulting in burnt fur/whiskers and a less than tranquil bathing experience for me). Make sure you teach little Vladi how to get out of wherever he gets into - that way you know he will be safe if he gets into trouble when you are not there.

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

Maybe he is a water cat? Tigers for example, like waters. And shouldn't that be "cat paddling".

Daisy said...

Vladi, you sure are a daredevil!

Anonymous said...

Do you think big brother Tanji "double-dog" dared Vladi to jump? Boys will be boys!
Kinny, Tessa and Abby

Anonymous said...

This is now one of my favorite stories on this blog! Y'all are sooo lucky, my 2 won't go in water. They are intrigued, they will sniff it, and play, but they will not touch it...

chiropollock said...

My poor Moely, he is intruiged by water and could care less if you dumped a bucket of water on his head but the second his feet get wet he's outta there. He is very obsessive about his feet so swimming is pretty much out of the question.