Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Attic Ladder

Lesley has been doing more painting lately and her lighting situation needed an improvement. When I rewired our little strawbale shack three years ago, I installed 10 nice recessed cannister lights in the main room. But for detail work a more intense and more general lighting is needed. I've been dragging my heels, and fighting installing a nice fixture that hangs directly over her work area because I didn't want to add visual clutter to our one room. At first I was just going to "temporarily" install it, but as I got going I had to "do it correctly" so I headed up into the attic and started running wire and ended up installing a wall switch for it.

Of course the boys helped all the way, from unpacking to final clean-up. This was the first time the attic ladder was in the down position for any length of time. I was running back and forth between the breaker box and my work, testing things when Lesley started calling me to come and look at the boys. They had decided to inspect my work wanted to join the fun in the attic.

Daaad, what are you doing?

I'll just be here if you need me,...

What are you doing now?

We thought you might
need our assistance.

This is kind of steep.

Tanj, what is he doing?

Oooo, it smells like mice up here.

I don't know why it always surprises me that
cats can climb steep stairs and ladders, since they
climb trees, but they always seem to open my eyes.

I remember when I was real little and my dad didn't have stairs
installed in his house yet, just a wood ladder with round rungs.
The cats had no problem going up and down.

Now Lesley has plenty of light to work
on her little masterpieces.

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KK said...

I'm interested in what the entire layout of your house looks like complete with cat features. Perhaps you could show this? Do you still have the cat wheel?
I love your blog, I love Bengals, I love the boys!

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...


Thanks for visiting and commenting. We are so happy you are enjoying our blog.

Our one room (plus bathroom) strawbale house is basically a big rectangle (interior 20'x40') with our bed built into a glass peninsula which sticks out the south side of our house. Our closet opens into our main room. The total interior floor space is about 800sq-ft, but since it is all one room and most spaces are multi-use, there is actually a lot of space and a feeling of openness. Actually we have a pretty large open space from the sectional to the TV to the bed to the “dinning-room” table, about 14’ square. This large space keeps things open and gives Lesley a nice large place to workout.

Our walls are very thick/deep (~2.5’), due to the strawbale construction. So our window sills are nice places for the boys to hang out. They have a large cat tree/perch in our main window.

There is a little kitchen door that was never used because it is kind of undersized. So I put a cat door in that which heads out into the boys kennel. We have about a 48" roof overhang, so I dropped polypropylene deer fence down from that and buried it deep in the ground, with rocks and bricks lining it. This runs around the entire West end of the house. So the boys actually have about 400sq-ft of outside kennel with perches, grass, and places to dig and do their business, as well as overlook the pond.

Yes we do have the cat wheel which the boys run on it regularly, day and night.
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