Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Jumbo Happy Cow Mailbox

Okay, "we" get a regular stream of little packages in the mail, ebay is a wonderful place, I'm told. Lesley's original "Happy Cow" mailbox has served us well for many years. Its a standard sized mailbox (approx. 7"x9"x19"), but our new USPS person suggested that we get a larger mailbox to keep our packages safe. It took us several months, but just recently when we were at the hardware store, Lesley pointed out a "Jumbo" mailbox (12"x15"x24"), which was about $30, it went into the cart. When we got home that Saturday afternoon, I took down our old mailbox and prepared the new mailbox for Lesley to do her thing.

Who you callin' Jumbo,...

What did we get now mom?

I think it is stuck over here,...

Heyyy, this is nice,...

Echooo, oooo, ooo.

Mooom,... this surface color is kind of boring.

I'm ready to get out of this crazy house,...

Hey Tanj,
I think there is a piece
of buttered bread back there
with your name on it.

Uschi supervises progress.

Old and new "Happy Cow" mailboxes.

Uschi helps with the hardware installation.

Lesley and her jumbo "Happy Cow" mailbox.

After installing the mailbox we didn't get any mail
for two days, then on day three we got mail along
with a thank you note from our mail carrier.

Now there is room to spare.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new Mailbox. The character is Fantastic. I like Lesley's Art. Tanj and Uschi sure seemed to love the box to play in.

Tanj seems to be getting more muscular as he gets older. I like how slender he is, and Uschi is just adorable. I just got 2 (marble and spotted both brown). One for thanksgiving and one for christmas.

I have been reading your blog for a couple of months now. (Part of my morning work Routine.) I love it; you helped me decide Bengals were worth the money. I am thinking of starting my own blog.(For the same reasons you started yours, vast accumulation of digital photographs that no one but me, my girlfriend and a few co-workers want to see.) Will keep you posted if I do.

Johnathan (Columbia SC)

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Johnathan, Congratulations on adopting your two Bengals, how exciting!!!

This blog is working very well for us as a place to keep all of our photos, chronicling adventures and as a springboard for organizing other thoughts and activities. We are very glad we gave it a try. The fact that other people from around the world are visiting our blog / photo album, and enjoying it has been amazing and rewarding.

We are having a ball. We wish you the best of times with all the adventures you will have with your Bengal family members.

Please keep us posted.