Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Chocolates

When it comes to chocolates, Lesley is a volume based consumer. She is one to prowl the stores the days following a holiday, loading the cart with sale chocolates,... "50% Off" is like a magical cocoa pixie dust that always gets her dancing around the displays.

As we were driving home from work yesterday there were comments about stopping at the store to see if there were any sales. I said that the sales wouldn't be until the day after at the earliest, and that I would be happy to go on a chocolate run then. Knowing that I had been tracking the progress of a special chocolate delivery, that was getting closer to our house every minute, secure in the back of a DHL van. There were several more chocolate statements through the afternoon, which I brushed aside,... "Like I would get you chocolates for Valentine's Day,..." snicker, snicker, snicker. It was about to get dark and no knock on the door yet. After awhile, I looked out to the gate and noticed a package leaning against it, I ran out in the rain, to retrieve the box. Everyone was excited when the little box came inside.

Uschi takes a sniff,...

What do you think Tanj?

These smell like special dark chocolates.


But what have you got there,....? !!

Whaaaat?,... This is mine,...

Oooo baby,... A BOX!!!

Now this is more like it.

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures...they put a smile on everyone's face here at the office. Thank you. I hope you enjoyed the chocolates.

Bella Cabosse Chocolates

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...


Thanks for visiting and commenting. We are so glad we made you smile. "We" are enjoying the chocolates, which are certainly at a different level than the standard fare in the supermarket. The layers of flavor are amazing and the high cocoa % makes for a very intense experience for our undeveloped palates. I guess we will just have to work on them,… >;-)

We are so glad you found us. I hope the link to your website is alright.

Thanks again.