Friday, February 09, 2007


I spotted a toy Pheasant in the dog toys section of a local store, and I had to get it for the boys. Hey, they follow us around like dogs and it is a bird and,... AND,... it "honks" when squeezed. Lesley cautioned that the boys would be scared of it,... but as I jumped around the store flapping its wings making it "honk, honk, honk" I had visions of Uschi running around with it in his mouth and Tanj pouncing on it making it honk. Of course, my visions of blissful play haven't happened, yet,... and Lesley's wise insights into their fear of the toy have played out.

"Honk, Honk, Honk"

I'll protect you Uschi

Sniff, sniff, sniff,...

I've got your back Uschi,...

Sniff, sniff, sniff.

Are you sure this is a cat toy?,...
It doesn't seem like the little birds we watch outside.

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