Sunday, February 04, 2007

Lady Bug

This blog has documented some of the brother's first years adventures and their high level of spoiledness. The holiday season drove this latter point home, as they received their own packages and cards in the mail. We were at a New Years Eve gathering and the hostess gave us a gift for the boys. As soon as we got home, ~10pm, we gave them the package to enjoy.

What is this?

Now I see,...

its a lady bug,

for me!

Wooo Hooo!!!

The sounds of fun brought Tanji running.

What have we here?

Tanj, gently nibbled a hind leg,...


chomping down,

digging in,...

and pulling on an antenna.

mmmmmm ladyyyy bug.

Hey Tanji,....

I want some too


Tanji quickly regained "control"
of the lady bug.

Myyyy buggy!

Then did what he does best,...

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