Friday, February 23, 2007

Marine Toys

The boys have so many toys that most of them need to be securely packed away. Occasionally, we pull their toy box from under the bed to cycle in new toys, rediscover old favorites, hide some currently "boooring" toys, and to pull out new versions of overly enjoyed toys. Bringing out the toy box is always fun for the boys. They shoot directly under the bed to explore this typically inaccessible place, then they come back out once the box is opened.

Uschi shops for new toys,

and finds

his purple squid.


I think I got some squid ink in my ear.

Wooo Hooo squidy toys are fun,

but what is that,... ?

Oooo Baby, Orange Octopus!



As much fun as toys are,
they are even better if they are
in a package. So, sometimes we hide
toys in empty packages.

What have we here ?

Attack !!!

I smell an Octopus.

There it is,...!

Geeettt out here !

and take your chewin'

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