Monday, February 05, 2007

Return Of The Remote Rat

Tanj stalks his prey

Our boys are tough, bold, and typically willing to try new things. However, Tanj still won't go near Uschi's "panic mouse" toy, and Uschi, seemed both excited and terrified during his first encounter with the "remote rat." The glowing eyed, whirling and gliding rat was more than Uschi was up for and Tanj had to defend his big brother against the scary invader. The big rat was a bit too much for the little boys and went into a deep hibernation, no doubt warmed by the terror it inflicted on the baby brothers. Over the months the boys have grown bigger, stronger, and bolder, so when the rat emerged from its hibernation, on a mission to reassert itself, the boys were more prepared!

Wait a minute, why is this thing chasing me?

You have got to be kidding...

I will smack you and send you away!

Uschi hid safely behind his leash.
But all of a sudden found himself,


Help, Tanji!

Tanj came to the rescue, grabbing the
rat by the tail and flipping it

It looked wounded so
Uschi took a closer look at the prey

Tanj keeps an eye on the rat
"you better stay away from my Uschi!"

The rat seems confused

Tanj had figured out the rat's secrets.

This round evens the score;
so the rat retreated to safety
but will soon return...

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