Friday, February 16, 2007

Surprise Package

Upon arriving home last night we found the Jumbo "Happy Cow" mailbox completely full. The usual suspects were there, various packages from ebay vendors for Lesley, but also a rather large USPS mailer addressed to Tanjiro & Uschi-Swirl. As we entered the house the boys greeted us at the door as always, but instantly they started meowing. They knew!,... something was for them. They typically are interested in packages but this one had them dancing on their hind legs and running after Lesley as she attempted to make her way across the room with her arm full of boxes.

This one is for us, our name is on it.

What goodies hide inside?

A giant glitterball, and

Ooohh Boy, big glitterballs on strings.

Uschi was in

Licking overload,...

This purple feather,

was an immediate hit

causing much joy,

for both boys.

But, Uschi's favorite toy so far

is a little wand with thin feathers on it.

He played with it very, very intensely
for at least an hour.

He was jumping all over the place for it,
not typical Uschi behavior.

Tanji's favorite toy at this point is

a little rubber goldfish on a string.

Even when back in the extensive pile of loot,

Tanj picked out the goldfish.

But of course glitterball-boy
is always up for

little glitterballs on a string.

What a great package!!

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Anonymous said...

That purple feather has "Ferdinand" written all over it.

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

And his saliva.