Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Uschi In The Tree Tops

Both boys have been known to climb little trees. Uschi has also tried his paws on some larger trees, but only went up a little ways. Last week however, the boys and I were out exploring when they decided to head into the oak grove, a favorite place to sniff and jump around. Uschi spotted a little leaning tree about 8" in diameter and

headed up.

This was nothing new, but

he kept on climbing,

and climbing,

and climbing.

He was well up in the tree, ~25'?, before he decided
he was high enough and started to get scared. He wandered around
meowing, trying to figure out how to get himself out of the situation.
He had a couple of nasty slips where he was dangling
from just his front claws, and had to pull himself back up.
I was directly under him ready to break his fall
and I had checked the area for sharp twigs,
just in case. His cries

attracted Tanji,

but it was up to Usch
to figure out how to get out of this.

I had already told him that I wasn't going to come up there,
Lesley and I have also discussed this,... there will be no
tree climbing to "rescue" treed cats.

I knew he could get down,
after all you do not see cats stuck in trees,
all over the place.

After a while Uschi

worked his way down
to the final vertical section of tree
before once again

getting close to the ground.

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Anonymous said...

Whew! Glad he made it down. He was UP there!