Sunday, August 13, 2006

5 w.o. T&U pictures

Uschi, our first son.

Okay, so we started this blog on May 24, 2006, well after we already had an ever growing file of pictures, 500+ "keepers" from this series alone. With all the new pictures of their adventures being worked into blogs, the kitten pictures remained filed and collecting "dust". We have been feeling the desire to get them out there, so we could enjoy them. These shots are from our second visit to meet the boys, March 7, 2006, they were just 5 weeks old. At this point we had already adopted Uschi and our goal was to adopt one of four available spotted brothers to join our family. We spent three hours laying on the bathroom floor with the boys, before,...

Tanjiro became our second son.

It is pretty amazing how their personalities were already set at this point. We thought this might be the case but this observation seems right on. Tanji did not like to be held/picked-up but liked,...

to be close at hand

and touched.

He also liked to stalk

Uschi was already developing

his Uschi saunter

raised tail carriage,

bold explorations,

pouncing abilities,

and stare.

The boys are put together,
Uschi checks out our choice

Tanjiro slept some but,
soon wakes

and instigates a bit of wrestling.

But even at this early age

Uschi was a much sounder sleeper than Tanji

and even slept though our carrying.

Seven Week Old Tanj & Uschi Pictures

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Starbuck and Torrey said...

It's amazing how your boys are the complete reverse to mine! My first 'son' was Starbuck (spotted) and then Torrey a few weeks later! In terms of personality, Torrey (marbled) doesn't like to be picked up, loves toys, etc. while Starbuck (spotted) will sleep through a thunderstorm, is more easily picked up, loves to have his nose in everything etc. Amazing! I must say, you are lucky to have seen your boys when they were so small! Not possible for me - although I do have pictures!

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Hey there S,T,S&D. You are all looking good. We were lucky that the boys were "only" ~5.5 hrs away,... more driving/traveling than we ever do but it was important for us to visit them early on. Plus we had a very hard time waiting. >;-)