Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Kick-Pickle II

The boys have been on fire playing, running, jumping and just plain ripping around the house. Both seem more active since starting the Metronidazole. Today marks two weeks of twice daily dosages, so "just" two more weeks of once daily dosages.

The other day they were playing with their "Kick-Pickle". They just kept on going and going and going. Uschi kept carring it around, then flopping down on his side to chew and kick it. He was going at is so long the "pickle" got wet.

He went until he was just laying there panting,

so, Tanji took over.

Tanji is Mr. Energizer Spots,
so it was a long time before,
Uschi got back to the "Pickle"

He would break from an intense bout of kicking,...

Then dig in with all fours and bit down hard.

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