Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fluffy Yellow Feathers

Uschi stares down his arch-nemesis

Before we got Tanj and Uschi, we went a little crazy buying toys and beds they might enjoy. One day Lesley spent hours at a local cat specialty shop looking for the ideal toy to attract the boys' attention. The resident cat in the pet store was particularly attracted to a wand with bright yellow feathers and mylar streamers. The toy seemed ideal! Our boys seemed to like feather toys and mylar streamers. Perfect! Needless to say, they hated it, maybe even were terrified by it. For months, the toy has been largely ignored, even when waved frantically in the air. Until now...

Tanj and Uschi have definitely been more spunky since they began their treatment of Metronidazole almost two and a half weeks ago. They were supposed to be on the medication for four weeks (half dose for the last two weeks), but by two weeks into the medication, both boys began to vomit and showed less interest in food, common side effects of using this drug. We stopped their medication, hoping that after two weeks, the antibiotic properties had done their job in assisting their immune systems, and that the anti-inflammatory nature of the drug had calmed their digestive systems down. Now four days later, they have gotten their appetites back, are still very active, and there are no signs yet of "bad belly!" What does all of this have to do with their "Nemesis Toy?"

Well, along with their increased activity, the boys finally tackled the scary yellow feathers and ribbons...

Uschi catches sight of the toy...

but is still a little uncertain of the combination
of feathers and ribbons.

A gentle touch turns out O.K.,
so Uschi decides to

give it a a little "love bite" and then...

attacks his prey!

Tanj also investigates the toy...

At first he keeps a safe distance,

making sure the toy doesn't make
any sudden moves.

Somehow, Tanj's paw is on the toy...

he starts to lick gently, but

you can tell by the look in his eyes
that he's going to be....


Mine! All Mine!

Who's coming to get my toy?
Stay away Uschi, because...

This is the best toy ever!

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1 comment:

Starbuck and Torrey said...

SSBT love the feather wand toy too!!! I have started to buy them 'in bulk' because they really are 'BAAADDDDD' =) Would you believe, they work better than treats when I do my clicker training sessions with them!

By the way, the boys are looking incredible! Their spots are so clear and vibrant with no fading! Fantastic!