Monday, August 21, 2006

Outside Medley II

Uschi watches some birds,

then watches-out for Tanji,

who is busy sampling,

a venison jerky treat.

There is this little spot out in the field that is "Uschi's spot". Everyday we stop there and he sits down and sniffs it. We think there must be another cat or something that also sits there. One day when we arrived at the spot, there was a dead mouse laid out on the spot, an offering?

After a good run we reach "Uschi's spot"

Uschi is panting by now,...

and flops down on "his spot" as we arrive,

he soon catches his breath,

and is content to lay on "his spot",...

until "the Spotted-one"

shows up to mess with him.

Then "the Spotted-one",...

takes over "Uschi's spot"

Soon the family is,

on the move again.

Tanji runs into the lead so he can,...

Stalk Uschi,...


spring his trap,...

initiating a

nice chase,...

Tanji watching Uschi all the way.

Tanji continues to stalk Uschi


Uschi ignores Tanji.

So Tanji looks to Lavs,

for some play time.

Back home again,

Uschi plays with a free range Hosi greenii.

Tanji wants nothing to do with that,

so he continues on to the pond,

and watches the Koi.

Uschi climbs a pear tree


meeting back up with Tanji

to relax in a clover patch.

Outside Medley I

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