Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Uschi gets up and over for a blade of dry grass

As we've written before, anything can quickly become a toy. We have also noted that amongst millions of blades of tall grass the boys will still leap after one if it is waved in front of them.

Uschi hops off the trail into the tall grass

Tanj is focused

Uschi launches again

and again.

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Anonymous said...

Heh Uschi looks like he's dancing in the last picture!

Anonymous said...

Nice pics all around. I'm curious to know about not using a leash. I see the harness, sure, but leash? They don't run away? No cars around? Come when called? How did you train them etc. Very interesting! I've never seen cats off leash...

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...


Thanks for visiting the blog and for your comments/inquiry

Initially the kitten's breeder harness trained them. We alway have their harnesses on when outside on walks. This is so we can grab hold them easier if necessary (not required yet), and also carry their leashes just in case. Sometimes just waving the leash attracts them into following us.

We started to train them to come when called, but have not kept up with the training and they often ignore our calls to come, but they really do their best to keep us in sight.

We are lucky enough to have a pretty safe property to take them out on. The perimeter is fenced with standard farm fencing with thick grass along it. Our boys really do stay right with us however, not much training required. They run on the mowed trails and jump into the tall grass, but really know to follow the trails. We're the "parents" and they follow like little cubs.

In the beginning we just went out and sat under a tree with leashes attached but not held,... they ran around a bit but the leash drag kept them close and easy to catch, they never ran.

We then went out on a trail and unleashed them and they stayed with us, sometimes running ahead or falling behind, but always in sight. If we get out of site they meow.

Good luck, keep an ever watchful protective eye on your cats, and have fun.