Saturday, August 05, 2006

Da Bird

We finally caught it on "film",...
Tanj does complete flips when playing with his toys

Check out the height, too!

The boys absolute hands down favorite toy has to be the Da Bird. We only bring it out occasionally because they will chew up a Da Bird in one play session, if we let them.

New and "old" Da Bird

The boys have started laying next to the closet door we keep the Da Bird secure behind. Uschi, really loves feather toys, he even tries to reach under the door to get them to come out and play.

I see you in there

Get out here!

Any luck yet Usch?

Both boys seem to love this feather toy and
get totally worked up when it finally appears.

They chatter at it and chase it until they are
panting so hard their breathing can be
clearly heard from across the room.

Tanj is full-on, as always.
He makes spectacular leaps
and goes and goes and goes.

Uschi, on the other hand, doesn't like to play with toys when Tanj is playing with them. He starts out with Tanj but after a few collisions he will sit back and watch intently until Tanj is a heap of panting spots. We noticed this behavior with Uschi when we first had the opportunity to play with the boys up in Seattle. Uschi would be all happy playing with a toy, then when other kittens showed up he would walk away and watch from a safe distance. We think that he doesn't like to get run into during this type of play? ,... wrestling/chasing, well that is another matter.

Tanj lands right on Uschi

Uschi is starting to back off

That's enough for Uschi, he moves to safe ground

Once Tanj has run out of breath,...

Uschi will chase the Da Bird, but with a very different strategy. Uschi is a ground Da Bird chaser. He doesn't seem to like to jump as much, but prefers to chase fast ground-based Da Birds,...

he has great explosive speed.

When Uschi gets hold of Da Bird, he chomps down on it and walks away, pulling hard, he is a real tug boat cat.

Soon Tanji's batteries get recharged and he is

looking very interested from the couch.


Leaps back into action.

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