Friday, August 18, 2006

Glitterball Boy

Tanji has amazing bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, great stamina, and straight-up seems to have fun all the time! He loves his toy mice, DaBird, just plain old running and jumping around, wrestling, spinning while chasing his tail, and glitterballs. All the while he chatters, chirps, and sings, letting everyone know he is having fun. Like we couldn't tell from all the ripping, galloping, and banging noises.

When we first really met Tanji he was already well adept in his ball handling skills, hence I started calling him our soccer player, plus he is full-on all the time. Kelli told us early on that a good source for glitterballs is JoAnne's Fabric, where you can get a big bag of glitterballs for ~$2, we stocked up, now they are all over the house. We pick them up and put them away in the boy's "Peek-A-Prize" toy box, but they come right back out.

The other day, glitterball boy was ripping around
playing with one of his silver glitterballs.

He was chasing it all over the sectional,...

Under this pillow and,...

this pillow.

He would pull it out and fling it

into the air,...

then trap it,... paw-ball style.

Before, releasing it

to begin the chase all over again.

Occasionally, after a nice flip,...

the ball would

get away from him,...

and end up on the floor,...

He simply lept after it

and brought it back to the sectional

got set,...

and released it again.

This time he kept a closer eye on it,...

He would keep it close

but even the best ball handlers

occasionally lose the ball.

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