Monday, August 14, 2006

7 w.o. T&U pictures

This blog was started on May 24, 2006, well after there was an ever growing file of Bengal brother pictures. This series of pictures is from our third visit to Seattle to see the boys, March 27, 2006 (2nd trip pictures). They were 7+ weeks old and we thought it was at the end of the main imprinting time and we wanted to be sure they got to know us a bit more and we wanted to get to know them more. We were a bit concerned about our adoption of Tanjiro because the reports were that he was a bit of a "wild man". This wild-man personality trait has entertained us daily!! At this point however we still had no idea how affectionate this little spotted boy would become. Uschi still acted like he was the center of attention, and all visitors were there to see him, not much has changed there. The 12 kittens and their moms had been moved downstairs to the four indoor kennels. We spent ~12 hrs with our boys and all the other kittens. It was quite an experience.

Mouse Boy was already well developed;

he liked things that moved,


and mice.

He pounced on his mice,

fought to keep a hold of them,

while watching out for mouse thieves,

and the growl game was already being played out.

Uschi's inquisitive, "superior" gaze,...

and watching was in full effect,

as was his desire not to be held.

Tanj is never to be out done,

and he would battle to get free.

The boys

slept together,

Uschi washed Tanji's belly,

and Tanji cleaned Uschi's ear.

They even did very well with
their first harness training time.

But playing is what the boys are all about.

Uschi loves his feather wands.

While Tanji stalks.

While Uschi likes to lay on his side while he plays.

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