Thursday, August 03, 2006

Who's Baaad?

WHAT's that paw doing?

You can see it in Tanji's eyes,...

He wants to be bad,...
but he hasn't been,...

He isn't really scratching the carpet,...

I'm just stretching.

The boys have several scratching pads/posts,...
they have not shown interest in furniture or carpets,...

Looks more moouschi than bad

Any stray paper is an attraction

For the first time,
Tanji investigates the refrigerator

In the evening, when the lights are on and
the screened windows open,
moths are attracted to the windows.

Of course,
the moths attract the boys,...

"TANJ, stop climbing the screen!"

Whateverrr Daad,...

Tanj approaches the counter

Whatcha' got?

Should WE really be rewarding this behavior?

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