Monday, August 28, 2006

Catcoon-Pickle Fun

The other day the boys were playing with the "Catcoon", something they hadn't really played with. Well of course they have always jumped on it and ran into and out of it, but they were really having fun with it's structure. One would be inside it and the other outside and there were paws punching through the holes, it was fun to watch. So much so I didn't even grab the camera (?!).

This wasn't enough fun however. They soon added the Kick-Pickle into the play. Tanj was inside the "Catcoon" and had pulled an end of the pickle into one of the holes. Uschi was on the outside attacking the pickle, trying to get it free.

The pickle is stuck dad,...

it won't come out.

Tanj came out to see what
was going on with the pickle.

and attacked it.

Without Tanj attached to the other end,
it came right out.

Hey Tanj, it mine,...

My pickle!!

Mr. Spots attacks,...

and attacks,...

and attacks.

He loves to chew on the pickle,
while digging in his claws.

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