Saturday, August 19, 2006

Playful Uschi

The boys have been much more active, if that is possible, since they started their Metronidazole. Uschi has really stepped up his play and affection. The other day he was on fire playing with toys. First, he was rolling around with one of Tanji's mice.

With a big smile on his face

Acting like a crazy cat,...

licking the mouse in true Uschi style.

But he soon rediscovered his
favorite little free range toy,...

a pink "Kookie Kitty Kurli-Q"

Before we got the boys Les read that cats liked these,
we were a bit surprised because it is just a little piece
of plastic that is spiraled up.

Tanji doesn't show much interest in it,

but Uschi loves the toy.

He flings it into the air, carries it in his mouth,
bats it around like a ball, and chews on it.

It travels all over the house and often dissapears
for several days, before we come across it
out of paws reach deep in the closet
or under something.

When we free the little toy,
Uschi comes right over to greet
his once lost friend,

he inspects it,

then begins batting it around.

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1 comment:

Starbuck and Torrey said...

I had never heard of "Kookie Kitty Kurli-Q" but did a quick search online and have already placed an order! Fingers crossed the kittens will love them as much as Uschi does! Thanks for the idea!