Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year - 2007

In celebration of the new year, we decided to take another look back to our first week with the boyz - this time, May 2, 2006, the first day the boys went outside the house with us. Both boys had already been introduced to harnesses and outside when they were young kittens, but this was the first time they would be playing in their new huge yard, the scene of many future adventures...

The boyz are harnessed up and ready to go

Everyone looks a little nervous

Feet on the ground, its time to look around

You can see the uncertainty on Tanj's face...

Uschi isn't sure about this either...

but he quickly begins walking with his
signature flat-backed, tail-curved saunter.

Tanj is a little tangled...

but can't resist chasing Uschi!

Soon the boys find themselves in the shade of
a tiny grove of fruit trees near the house.

Feeling a bit safer under the cover of the tree

Tanj gets a little excited!

and finds his first "tall" grass to explore.

Uschi plays "Bengal goat"

Early attempts at tree climbing

Both boyz hang close together

Tanj keeps an eye on Uschi,

then visits Dad for a reassuring pet.

Visiting the side of the pond for the first time...

The boyz were starting to get tired,
so it was time for to return indoors.
(For more check-out their "Day Four" photo album)

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Roland Hulme said...


My wife has a Bengal cat. She misses her because the cat has to stay in America. Britain classifies her as a "dangerous animal" so she can't be brought over.

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Thanks for visiting, commenting and for the link to that days posting in your blog. I think the bans are all due to the name, "Bengal Cat". I'm told Hawaii has also put a ban on Bengals, due to their name.

Thanks again for visiting. Have fun.