Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

"Waiting for Santa"

Its already Christmas Eve, presents are wrapped,
we've bought the fixings for Christmas dinner,
and we have the day off to take the boys for a long walk.

Vladi may be wondering how Santa is going
to get into out house, this pipe seems a bit small.

That's more like it...

It looks like Vladi is waiting for Santa.

Les picked up three small stockings from a local
craft store to decorate for the boys.

Uschi is lending a paw (and his teeth).

"What are you doing here?"

Tanji is sitting on his stocking.

Even Vladi joins the fun, and he doesn't
usually do crafts.

We don't have a fireplace to hang the stockings on,
but the dresser will do.

"Stocking Kitten"

Vladi likes to curl up on our stockings. Santa
is going to have a hard time filling these tonight.

Too cute to resist.

We put out hot chocolate for Santa Claus.
There may be a Vladi pawprint on the marshmallows.

Its late, and time to go to sleep and dream of Santa.

Tanji curls up with a little Santa doll,

Uschi has a bigger Santa doll,

and Vladi has a chocolate Santa.

Sweet dreams, kitties!

"Meeting Santa"

*We added a few pine cone pictures to yesterday's blog.*

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MainecoonMa said...

Waiting for Santa....too cute! The M's stocking cant be hung up as Maizee always takes off w/it, the hoarder that she is. I LOVE your blogs, they just get better & better. I have two questions for you, 1st how does Les get those pictures painted so fast 2nd is Mark from Canada?

Happy Xmas Eve!

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Thank you so much!
1) Lesley is a Christmas Elf
2) Nope, Upstate-N.Y.
Merry Christmas