Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Lights

"Christmas Lights"

We spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect Christmas lights. We originally planned on getting LED lights, but most were sold out early at the stores, and the remaining sets were tiny. We found a short strand of large, white, incandescent, twinkle lights to brighten up the long winter nights.

Tanji watches us unwrap the lights
from the safety of his chair.

Uschi pats the lights very gently.
Pat, Pat, Pat.

The lights barely make it one loop around our
growing conifers, so they were meant for inside.

Without the distracting sounds and smells of the outdoors,
the boys can concentrate on the twinkling lights.

Vladi is mesmerized.

He can stare at a light for a LONG time,
waiting for it to twinkle back at him.

The boys have been little angels around the lights, but
we still make sure to unplug them when we are not watching.

"Holiday Temptation"

Friends of ours gave us candy cane lights a few years ago,
so they are fun to take out and put up each year.

Uschi is helping plant the canes in the ground.

"I've got this one!"

Uschi's tail curls a bit like a candy cane.

"Candy Canes"

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Unknown said...

Two fun views today: mesmerized Vladi (Ha!) and the drawing of Uschi and his candy cane tail. Sweet representation of the previous photo --nice job, Lesley!

Unknown said...

I decided with the three new ones running throughout the house rampaging the toilet paper, paper towels and anything else they could turn into a kitty-toy, I would not put up a tree. Then my kids decided that the grandkids needed the tree. I told them to put it up and make it "kitty-safe". My daughter informed me that they liked looking at the garland and were not bothering it at all. That is, until she went to the bathroom and came back to find the tree lying on its side with the garland spun around one of the innocent felines and the pups looking nonchalant from the other side of the room. So we opted for tree, lights and lucite candy canes hooked over the limbs. Carmella and Jonayla made short work of removing the lower limbs off of it on one side so we removed the rest (made for better present room anyway).Then between the furkids and the grandkids, the window clings are all over the house.
They now seem bored with the entire idea and have reverted back to terrorizing toilet paper (only the new rolls mind you), Phantom is back to stealing socks (we have even noticed him stealing them off of my youngest grandson's feet when he is sleeping) and Jonayla is back to stealing straws out of our drink cups when we are not looking and stashing them in my room.
Can't wait until we have actual presents under the tree.....woohoo!! New fun! What ever did I do for entertainment and fun before being a Bengal mom?

The Crew said...

Love the "Vladi is mesmerized" picture!!