Saturday, December 05, 2009

Frosty Morning

We woke this morning to 20F and
a nice coating of frost.

I snuck the boys out one at a time, unharnessed, to frolic.

Uschi was first,...

"This feels strange on my toes."

"I'm going to lick the bird-feeder pole, I will do it"

"DAAD, I'm cold."

Next came Vladi.

V was a "little" excited,.... zooom.

Nice tail.

V is all fluffed up.

"Now this is my fun."

Tanji headed out next.

T scouts out his yard.

Alertly, he strode around.

Mr. skinny got chilled, and headed for home.

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1 comment:

Meadow said...

Our crew has been walking around all fuzzed up too, and they are not even going outside! Brrr...winter is here!