Monday, December 21, 2009

Let it Snow


December started with a cold snap, first there was an icy fog...

And then a heavy frost settled on the ground.

The frost is cold on Uschi's paws.

We don't get real snow often, and when we do,
Uschi is the only one who seems to tolerate the cold.
Maybe its because of his insulating belly fluff.


We do have beautiful icicles.

Vladi hasn't seen many icicles.

We may not have real snow,
but we do have a few snow ornaments...

"This is sticking to my paw."

Kitten-Uschi is guarding his prey.

We decided to make snowflakes the boys could rip up.
Yep, its a book of instructions, we must
have missed that day of kindergarten.

Uschi is ready to assist,
"I think you just cut here."

He's getting pretty excited about all this.

U-boo is not ready to share the snowflake fun
with Tanji.

A little while (and several errors) later,
Uschi examines his snowflake (the fullest one),
Vladi's smaller rounded snowflake is on the left, Tanji's
pointy one (he's all bones & muscle) is on the right.

Uschi "helps" hang the snowflakes.

Pat, pat, pat.

Vladi admires his snowflake.

Les likes snowglobes, and she has a little globe
that is a mini replica of one of the lions outside
of the Art Institute of Chicago (Les' home town).

Vladi can stare at this for a long time,
waiting for each piece of glitter to settle down.

Without snow, our snow mink Vladi has to settle for
"dirt angels" instead of the real thing.

"Snow Angel"

Today is our anniversary, 18 years!
We are celebrating the longest night of the year
by snuggling up at home with the boys :)

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MainecoonMa said...

18 years, CONGRATULATIONS!! You both seem like a good fit, and the boys just added to it. Here's to many more, and keep up the oh so entertaining blog!!

Shelly, Maizee & Murfee

Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying this Christmas series. Thanks so much for spreading the holiday cheer and giving us all reason to stop and enjoy our friends, family, and warm memories :) Wishing lots of joy for you and "the boys" in 2010!

Unknown said...

Happy Late Anniversary, Late Merry Christmas, but an Early Happy New Year!!!