Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas is Coming

"Bengal Cat Christmas"

From now through Christmas, each day's blog will feature photos, sketches, and paintings we are collecting for "Bengal Cat Christmas" our book-in-progress that journals Tanji, Uschi and Vladi's holiday adventures. Most of the stuff is new, but long-time adventurers will recognize a few paintings and photos from Christmas past.

We have several holiday traditions, but this year we decided to add new things to do together with our furry family. Some of these have been a success, others, well you'll see.

Les tried making garlands to decorate the window.
We all know how this is going to turn out.
First, she tried making a paper garland...

Tanji wasn't sure about this, it looks like a trap.

Graceful Vladi, managed to rip the garland down right away.
To be fair, we are encouraging him a bit.

Then Les tried a glitter-ball garland...

This was a hit with "Mr. Glitterball" ...

Oops, Vladi managed to take this one down too.

Our last attempt was a garland wrapped firmly
around the window post.

Vladi was first on the scene...

He scratched, and pulled, and licked,
but the garland stayed together.

When the two spotted boys lost interest,
Uschi moved in and has happily nestled
in the ends of the garland.

"Dressed for Christmas"

Christmas music is everywhere: the stores,the radio,
people humming. We have dozens of
Christmas songs on the iPod, and...

Les has her favorite Richard Scarry songbook.

The keyboard isn't working any more,
but Uschi still gives it a try.

Tanji has figured out how to play a tune by strumming
the big rubber bands that wrap up our mail.

Jingle bells are irresistable.

There are a lot of holiday sounds around the house.

"The Herald Angels Sing"
The boys rarely howl at the same time,
but that's probably for the best.

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Cory Clark said...

What great pics! You guys are lucky - We don't get any decorations this year - probably because Austin tore down the lights... Oh, well! We'll just enjoy watching yours!

Nico, Austin & JayJay :)

MainecoonMa said...

We arent going decorations this year either, Maizee is still too kittenish not to mention I might come home & find she's stashed the tree under the bed...the little hoarder that she is. Can we also enjoy yours???

Bengal Lady said...

Opening today's Blog was like my very own Christmas present. I am thrilled to see progress with the book.

caspersmom said...

What beautiful cats. And they are doing what cats do to Christmas decorations. Looks like there are others that have given up on decorations by the comments. I used to decorate our Christmas tree just to about perfection then Casper would undecorate it and I could never get it back to where I had it. So now we don't put garland on the tree anymore. This year I have just a fiberoptic tree.

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Kitties seem to think/know Christmas is all about them, who else could we be decorating for? :)