Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

"Christmas Cats"

Its Christmas! We have the traditional walk outside...

Uschi following his Dad.

We feed the little creatures that live outside,
including the birdies...

the fishies...

and a Christmas feast for Katy-the-Calico.

As soon as we get back inside,

There are plenty of yummies for T, U, and V...

including a plate of cookies for Vladi to lick.

We have a meal of Turk-y, potatoes, stuffing, and gravy,
and watch a Christmas movie like Elf.
What did we forget to do? Oh that's right...

"Can we please open these presents?"

Santa, or at least a few of his helpers, visited last night.

First, we have stockings to explore.
They are filled with little sample bags of food.

Uschi got a bag from his New York Grand-Kitty.
He has been waiting "patiently" to open it for weeks.

Vladi is rubbing up and down his gift.

V-man tries out his new scratching box,
he is really good at this.

Uschi wants to try too.

"No Uschi, this gift isn't just yours."
(Uschi - "What-everrrrr")

Tanji is eager to unwrap his gift too.

T rubs happily against his sack-cave.

Its a pretty tight fit for this big Bengal boy.

Even Vladi barely fits.

But there are other ways to enjoy a crinkly cave.

Finally its Uschi's turn...

Magneticat cat toy is mesmerizing
as it swings back and forth.

Uh-oh, Vladi likes this too.

And so does Tanji.

At first, Uschi seems a little peeved.

But part of Christmas is sharing, and the
boys are doing a pretty good job.

"Thank-you for my cool present!"

The presents are a big hit for everyone.
Of course, the best presents were
the boxes and loose wrapping paper.

"The Box is the Best Part"

Our family celebration is bigger this year, Les' Mom
has moved to live by us, and is helping spoil the kitties.

Christmas is time to be with our family...

and be thankful for our friends.
(Special hugs for Aunt Kelli and Mom Skye!)

Its been a big day, and its time to mush the boys...

Tanji needs petties,

Vladi needs snuggling, and

Uschi needs belly pets.

Everyone is full and tired, and we
settle in for a Christmas nap.

Tanji and Vladi are close, but not too close.

Uschi has had enough fun, he's by himself on a cushion.

"And to All a Good Night"

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Bengal Lady said...

And Merry Christmas to my loves! I have really enjoyed the Blog, just no time to comment with a house full of guests.