Sunday, December 20, 2009

Giving Gifts

"Christmas Kitten"

This time of year its easy to think about all of the kitties
that don't have a home for the holidays. We bought
some food and toys for the cats at our local shelter.

"Is this for me?"

We figured it might be nice to put the goodies in a basket,

Vladi wants to ride in "his" basket
(Its from Goodwill, and we have one for him too).

Uschi is sending messages to the other kitties.

"Are you sure this isn't for us?"

We also made a donation to the SafeHaven Human Society
that keeps its kitties even if no one adopts them

"Winter Home"

We hope all of the kitties will get the good homes they deserve.

We have our own lost kitty to take care of, an older
calico female cat has adopted us. She has taken up
residence in our well house, which stays relatively
warm because of the large water storage tank.

Katy-the-calico is rapidly gaining weight ,
healing old battlescars, and now rarely leaves
the well-house, except to knead and purr for food.

Even the deer that have wandered to our
place are getting a Christmas gift, a big salt block.

The boys are not as scared of the deer as they used to be.
Tanji watches them with great interest, maybe he
wonders if he could run as fast.

"Reindeer Dreams"

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