Saturday, December 19, 2009


It has been a cold winter and the birds need Christmas
gifts too: lots of seeds, and fresh water.

Our sunflowers have been picked clean of their seeds.

We put out a mix of seeds because we have a lot of different
types of birds, from little chickadees and finches, to medium-size
towhees and blackbirds, to the larger woodpeckers and jays.

A pair of woodpeckers arrived our first year here, and
now we have close to a dozen.

They take turns grabbing the peanuts, and
storing them in the large oak trees nearby.

If the feeder is empty, the woodpeckers let us know
with a "wocka-wocka-WOCKA" yell.

We also have a flock of blackbirds and cowbirds
that arrive in the late fall and overwinter with us.
They sing every day, and it sounds like birds in
a lush rainforest.

The birds are waiting in a cherry tree because
they see someone sitting under the feeder.

Its Vladi in his favorite place.
He may not know he stands out so much.

Sometimes Vladi really goes for it,
you can see the birdie flying away.
(so does Tanji)

"Drat, missed it."

"Holiday Wish"

Canadian geese spend their winters here in the valley,
they fly overhead in impressively large flocks.

Their "honk-honk" is one of the familiar sounds of winter.

There are also large birds of prey (hawks, falcons, vultures),
but they stay far above the boys.

There is one bird the boys are all scared of...

A pheasant dog toy from a past Christmas
that makes authentic honking noises.
Its just too much for the sensitive kitties.

These birdies are less scary.

The boys dream about catching little birds,
sometimes they chatter in their sleep.

"Holiday Dream"

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Deven Werthman said...

I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy your blog...
and love your beautiful cats. Bengals are the best and yours are spectacular! Thanks for the daily delight and have a happy, healthy new year.