Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wrapping Presents


The boys love to wrap (and unwrap) presents,
something is so tempting about the crinkly paper.

Tanji happily sniffs the wrapping paper.

Sniff, sniff.

T loves to nestle on paper, and he is getting sleepy.

Vladi has found one of his favorite things, a gift bag.

Here's another one!

Someone wants to be taken for a ride.

In a one-room house, it can be hard to hide gifts
from the boys. Les ended up hiding in the bathroom
to wrap their goodies, with T & V howling outside the door.

For Tanji, we have a snuggly cave he can sleep in.

For Vladi, a new scratching box (he loves them).

And for Uschi, a (hopefully) quiet lure toy.

"Can't we open these now?"

The boys will probably like their gifts, but it is a
guarantee that they'll love the ribbons.

Tanji can't resist ribbon.

Very funny, Mom.

He is such a beautiful boy.

Here is another beauty.

"What about me? Make this ribbon go, please"


Uschi is so patient, he lets Les dress him in ribbons.

"Gift Cat"

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Unknown said...

I can't believe I have missed *three* days of Bengals! Life is crazy here. Quick comments:

1) Today's post -- LOVED IT! You made me excited about Christmas, which has escaped me for the most part with the crunch at work.

2) Lucky, spoiled boyz! If I were Tanji, I would never come out of the cat sack. (And did they REALLY howl outside the bathroom door because they couldn't see what was going on??)

3) Happy anniversary!

4) Could I come over and make some snowflakes with you?

5) Vladi's dirt angels --HA! HA!

Thanks for the wonderful pick-me-up that your posts provided.

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Yes, the boys were yelling outside the door. They hate it when they aren't involved in things.

Happy Holidays.