Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Feathers Are Always In Style

Whatever might have been written, feathers never go out of style. Need proof?,... just open the DaBird closet door. Instantly four eyes and four ears will be pointed in your direction. Simultaneously, chattering and chirping noises start echoing around the room, even before any Bengal brother stands up.

U chatters while stalking, then

gets all four off the floor.

Tanj goes horizontal for DaBird,


Uschi drives the lane, Jordan-style.

Tanj powers forward,...

while Uschi comes straight at you.

Tanj is up,

Uschi is down.

T jumps out of the stadium,

then gets his blocks set to accelerate.

The boys focus,

Uschi is intent,...

and floats on his toes,

before losing his balance.

Tanj focuses his approach,

then it is back to the skies,

keeping a nice perspective.

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Anonymous said...

oh lavs !
flying felines!

snf les
good job manning
the feathers too

m a

Anonymous said...

Tanji gets some serious air!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Portland, Lavs.

Those are some great air shots! I wish we could get some like that of our 3 year-old fur boy, Sam playing with "The Tail" (a stick toy with a strand of boa-like feathers that looks like an extra long raccoon tail).

Like your boyz, Sam manages to get some serious air while playing with The Tail. Just this week a new trick has surfaced and I keep telling my husband that the next thing we know he and Sam will be performing with the Moscow Cats. The new trick involves Tom swirling The Tail in a circle while Sam leaps up at it in rapid fire succession. This happens so quickly that Tom is certain they'll soon get to a point where The Tail will make a pass under Sam in between his jumps. 8-)

As is the case with DaBird, The Tail is usually kept in a closet while a myriad of other toys are strewn throughout our living and dining rooms. Once Sam has tired himself out playing with The Tail we often hang it over a doorknob and most of the time he forgets about it. But if he hears "his" closet door opening he comes running regardless of whether The Tail is in the closet or not. :-D

I love your blog and the updates are often the highlight of my day. Keep up the good work!

-- Karen

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Karen, Thanks for the comment and info about Sam and his favorite toy "The Tail", we'll have to look into one of those. We are so glad you enjoy our blog, it is a blast of us. Enjoy.