Monday, December 11, 2006

Feathers Are Sooo Passé

Sometimes we wonder if the boyz are habituating to their toys. Our little house's floor is littered with glitterballs, toy mice, Kookie Kitty Kurli-Qs, boxes, etc. and most of the time the boys strut past the brightly colored and textured items without giving a second glance. Other times, they seem to go nuts for the items. Occasionally we clean up the debris and store them away in their toy box. Feather wands are typically lying around, but if they don't "GO" they seem to go unnoticed, the DaBirds are kept securely locked away for safety.


Come onnn Uschiiii,...
time for some exercise,


Tanji just can not help himself,...

even if he isn't in the mood,...

you can see it in his eyes,
he needs to play.

Uschi on the other hand,...

is curled up with his red feather wand,

sleeping across the handle,
keeping the feathers close

but not too concerned about them.

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Anonymous said...

I think I found the "purrfect" feather toy for Uschi!

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Ut-Ooo, He does like his feathers. >;-)