Monday, July 31, 2006

Brand New Box

Uschi investigates his new box

Both Tanj and Uschi do have a bit of a fixation on every new box that comes into our home. Tanj likes to pounce on new boxes, Uschi likes to stand in the new box and survey his domain from that position.

Wow, a new box!

"Somehow" the box tips over...

and that attracts Tanj.

Tanj wants to investigate the box too..

Uschi watches Tanj closely,
after all Uschi found the box first!

Uschi thinks Tanj has had enough box time...

Uh-oh, Tanj is standing in Uschi's box -
that's Uschi's favorite position!

After a bit of a wrestle with Uschi,
Tanj settles for the box "stuffing"

While Uschi stands in his box.

After a bit of standing...

Uschi plays with the stuffing too.

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