Monday, July 03, 2006

Remote Rat

The boys get a Gift!

Tanjiro and Uschi-Swirl got a great gift in the mail today. At first both boys were VERY interested in the box, well after all, it was addressed to them. Then as the boys watched the box being unpacked they realized there was even more to play with: a big rat! Better yet, the rat was MOVING. Both boys checked the new toy very carefully, staying close together as the rat zipped along the floor.

Let the games begin…

Wow, a new box!

Wait a minute...

Is that for me too?

The boys set out to investigate
their new toy...

We better stick together,
this looks scary...

You go first!

Tanj is intrigued, after all he is "mouse boy"

Even the glowing eyes and and whirling "legs"
don't slow Tanj down.

While Uschi, usually Mr. Confident,
hides in the "catcoon" and becomes ...

Trapped by the rat!


Tanj comes to the rescue!

Giving Uschi time to get his bearings...

so he can retaliate.

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