Friday, July 07, 2006

Outside Medley

Tanj "Panthro" stalks the camera

then walks to a safe distance

looks back over his shoulder

and springs away.

Meanwhile, Uschi does his best
English Pointer imitation

while stalking a flower.

A little later Uschi
dives off the trail

headed to his Eucalyptus tree

But Tanj,...

continues up the trail alone,...

leaving Uschi by the Eucalyptus tree

He points in Tanj's direction
and gives a few cries,...

bringing Tanj sprinting back

Only to find

Uschi hiding in the grass

Which results in a

tandom sprint.


The boys explore a new trail

and jump
from dirt mound
to dirt mound.

On the way home

The boys stop at the pond

Where Tanj

blends on the rocks

and Uschi jumps on the picnic table

to be admired

and have his fur ruffled in the breeze

before sauntering

back home.

Outside Medley II

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Who is Blue Hippo Baby? said...

Hi--I'm wondering how you get them to stay with you and not wonder off.....we have to keep ours on a leash (we also live in a city.....where do you live it looks beautiful...I'd like to move someplace with more nature so they can romp like your boys!!). I found your site because I'm looking to buy/build a cat wheel like!! My email is: if you care to reply. Thanks ! your boys are gorgeous by the way!!

Los Angeles--Boris (Chausie) and Picobello (Bengal)

kiwi said...

i was also wondering how you get your cats to stay on the track with you and not run off to explore on their own/ how you get them to come back when called etc?