Sunday, July 09, 2006

Return Of The V-E-T

Friday saw the family return to the V-E-T. It has been two weeks since the boys have been in the car so they were pretty "excited" when we first started the drive. At first both boys were meowing and unsettled, but they quickly calmed down and gave the other drivers a show. At the V-E-T they were admired and received many compliments. Then the V-E-T exams started. Let's just say that the boys were not as cooperative as during the first V-E-T trip, they both were "squirmy." The boys were in for their rabies shot and also recieved their third de-worming. The boys just don't like to do what they don't want to do, must get that from us >;-) Once they are let go they just stand there and seem all happy.

Tanj sees the V-E-T come into the room

Both boys fought off their temperature taking and squirmed around when getting their ears checked. They both gained weight since their first V-E-T trip. Uschi gained 0.7lbs and now weights 7.5lbs but Tanj was the big grower and gained 1.7lbs and now weights 6.9lbs. Their actual rabies shot (Live Canarypox Vector) was no problem. The de-worming pill (Drontal Feline Tabs),... well that was another issue,... Uschi's went down with a struggle,...

Uschi explores

and gets reassured

Tanj,... Well he is a strong little bugger and the pill did NOT go down. He went into a fit because these pills make them foam at the mouth if it doesn't go down cleanly,... It was not pretty.

The Vet let him run around on the floor while she got the pill out of her blouse and tried to regroup and figure out what to do. She gave him a liquid oral de-wormer (Pyrantel) which covered some of the worms covered by the Drontal.

Tanj is gone

and wants out

but the Vet gave him some water to "rinse his mouth",...
it looks like a paw in the water to me

Uschi watched Tanj's progress intently

Tanj forgives dad in the parking lot

and yells


The happy family makes it home

Later, dad had to go out and pick-up a custom blend
of a pill medication to cover the other worms
not covered by the Pyrantel.
Praziquantel was put into a liquid oral suspension for Tanj.

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