Sunday, July 02, 2006


We have a collapsible clothes hamper that the boys have paid little attention to, maybe because it is typically full of dirty clothes. The other day I emptied it into the washer, and the boys thought the hamper would be a good place to play. I tipped it over,...

and Uschi went right in.
He rolled around and bit the fabric,
happy as a little Uschi clam.

The sounds of fun

soon attracted the attention of Tanj

the boys battled each other and the hamper
through the semi-transparent fabric.

To add to the fun,
I righted the hamper

"trapping" Uschi inside.
He wasn't phased.

And soon Tanj was back

Attacking Uschi

Tanj being a quick one,
soon wanted to get inside also,
so he simply jumped up,
pulled the flexible hamper over

and climbed in.

Eventually Tanj had enough,
and flattened the hamper
and simply walked out.

Leaving Uschi to

enjoy his new place alone.

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