Thursday, July 27, 2006

Spotted Bengal Goat

Our daily trail "walks" involve lots of running/chasing, pouncing, stalking, wrestling, leaping, investigating dirt mounds, fruit harvesting, "fishing" in vermin holes, tree climbing, flower sniffing, "wildlife" watching, playing with water snakes, and of course grazing. The boys, especially Tanj, love to munch on blades of grass as we walk along.

I can see it in his eye,
Uschi is munching on a blade of grass

Tanj samples a dry grass flower

But prefers fresh green blades

Nothing beats laying on a mound of dirt
while munching grass

Tanj chews his cud


Going in search of

more grass

to attack

and mow short.

Who needs a lawn mower?,...
when you have a Spotted Bengal Goat.

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