Friday, July 14, 2006

Cookie Monster

Uschi had us believing that he didn't like human food until he attacked a bag of Cheetos. Apparently he just likes human "junk food" because he has discovered

cookies too...

What do we have here? Mmmmm, cookies...

Let me in,.... Let me in...

This has to open somewhere!

All of the noise attracts Tanj,...

but this is a one-cat show

and Uschi guards his find.

They're mine, all mine!

Tanj looks on "innocently" while Uschi continues his assault

Until he tires himself out

and decides that looking hungry is his best bet.

Poor Uschi, we better feed him!

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Anonymous said...

Ha! Too cute! That's Dax's one and only bad habit - he goes crazy for human food. He'll get on the table, try to steal from your plate, climb in your lap... We're trying to get him to stop, but it's hard to resist that face :)

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

So far we are lucky about meals. My guess is that if our boys were focused on those we would be in serious trouble. We are such softies! We live in a one room house and we have a large dinning table as a key piece of furniture which is NOT off limits. This kind of shocked my visiting relatives. >;-)

We have found that a strong sharp hiss gets their attention and stops (slows) their progress. Tanj now knows he is not to go after my glasses of water. His internal struggle is very obvious when he sees my glass of water.