Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mouse Boy II

Each morning we wake up to find a collection of mice toys and glitterballs arranged around the dry food bowl. Although we never see him doing it, we're pretty sure Tanj is doing the collecting because he LOVES his mice and glitterballs. Everyday Les takes the toys and redistributes them around the house, and they show back up at the dish the next morning.

Tanj finds a toy mouse...

This is Tanj's favorite toy mouse,
it came with him from his original home.

The fur is totally matted and its missing one eye,
but Tanj still likes this mouse best.

Oops, it almost got away!

There it goes again!

Tanj licks his mouse into submission,

All of this licking attracts Uschi
(No doubt wondering why he isn't being licked?) ...

Tanj growls to get Uschi to attack him...

and runs around growling with the mouse.

Uschi isn't interested in the growl game at this time so,

Tanj settles down to protect his mouse

Giving it a few more good licks.

By breakfast the next morning...

the mouse will be back by the dishes
along with the others.

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