Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New Brush Box

The boys love their bristle brush toy, but they have pulled out many of the bristles, spreading them all over the floor, and have bent the arch into a bit of a pretzel. Our intent was that it would be a type of self-grooming tool, but it has turned into a big teething ring. So, we were really excited to run across a different type of brush toy at a cat store in Newport, Oregon. The first amazing thing was that in the middle of the old fishing bayfront area of Newport there was a store totally dedicated to cats, the second amazing thing was that the toy we wanted, the "Feline Fantasy Brush" was on sale! Well, there were a few other purchases too, but that's another blog. We decided to keep the boxed toy outside for a few days since the boys had a "few" other new toys to play with. However, on one of our nightly trail walks, Uschi discovered the box, so we moved it inside to open later. Within a few hours, Tanj found the new location of the box, and we figured, "boy, they really want that toy..." Needless to say, they wanted the BOX.

Uschi finds our toy "hiding place" outside.

Later, Tanj finds the box too, and "fishes" inside.

We break down and bring the box out in the open.

Hurry up and open the box!

The boys help open the box...

They seem a little impatient to get the brush out of the box...

But once the brush is out, the boys only give it a brief
glance, and then get on with attacking the box.

Somehow the photo of the brush is getting more attention
than the real thing!

Wow, there's a hole here!

Look Uschi, my head's in the hole!

Uschi can't resist the attacking potential
of a "stuck" Tanj

Uschi has to try fitting through the hole too...

...and Tanj returns the pounce.

Tanj brings his mouse over to see the box

and curls up on the box for a nap

I love my new box!

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Anonymous said...

Tanj with his head in the hole... I about fell out of my chair laughing! What a great box! Empty Diet Coke 12-pack boxes are fun too!

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

They both just loved putting their head through the hole, then of couse that made an easy target for the other brother. What fun! >;-)