Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fångst Fun

The boys love their Fångst. They have one hanging in the house and second hanging in their outside kennel. We put toys in the upper levels, which entices the boys to jump and climb the Fångst in an attempt to knock the toys out. They are pretty skilled at getting the glitter balls out without even getting into the different levels. The first few days of the Fångst were real fun because they had trouble getting into the bottom level, it is free hanging/swinging. Everytime they tried to jump in, it would swing away. There was much time spent with the front legs and head inside and the back legs running around, swinging the entire Fångst in a big circle. The boys have since figured out the process of getting in. Now it is the site of many energetic battles.

Typically, Uschi starts the fun

by chewing on the outside

before climbing into the bottom level

Soon, Tanj

attacks him

and Uschi fights back

But by now the Fångst

is swinging wildly

So Tanj can step back and mark his target

before attacking

Uschi makes a valiant defense, but,...

Tanj dives in,... gets a good grip

and pulls Uschi out of the Fångst

for some good

old wrestling. Then,...

Tanj climbs in.

Uschi isn't done yet

He attacks the Fångst again

this time

Tanj is forced to defend the bottom bin

So Uschi heads to

higher ground

and enjoys the view from the third level.

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