Friday, July 21, 2006

Simply Dreaming

Stop taking pictures of me,....

The boys have been working hard to develop their international fame
and blogging regularly about their energetic adventures
so they requested some time to simply dream about it all.

The boys love to sleep on the cool soft silk-velvet blanket

Tanj is a regular on it

Uschi started sleeping in this little area
between the mattress and the wall,
amongs a pile of books. Looks comfy(?),...

He has also been spotted unconscious
under his Kitty Kat Circus

The boys are growing so much that they
barely fit on a chair together any longer

Uschi regularly takes over entire chairs

This time Tanj got the whole ottoman

and struggled to get comfy

It is a tough life for Tanj

Uschi moved to the couch

And then to

the window


Tanj is the king of getting comfortable

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Anonymous said...

They look just beautiful!!