Saturday, July 29, 2006

Dinner Din

Tanj's mice and glitter balls are always the first to arrive

All pet owners likely know meal-time excitement; our experiences are probably no different. If the boys are not already standing "calmly" and "quietly" next to us, it just takes the most subtle sound of moving their dishes to bring them galloping. They will bang through the cat door arriving from their kennel, when just moments before they wanted nothing to do with us, as they were in their outside space acting like wild cats, stalking moths or dirt balls. If asleep, they will wake from an apparently stressful nap and hit the floor in full stride as if they were completely awake the entire time.

Uschi typically sits still right behind us and makes his presence know with ever escalating meows. Tanj makes his presence known by standing on his hind legs and bouncing off the cabinet doors while adding his own special notes. Their cacophoninous din reaches its creschendo just as their food is being delivered. Then there is a breaths long silence before the "slurping movement" begins. Tanj always laps up the juice and pushes the chunks off the plate. Once a chunk is off the plate he doesn't seem to find it, Uschi does however. They have not yet fought over food or pushed the other out of the way if one finishes first; they are amazingly polite eaters, if not the most patient while waiting to be served.

No pictures, FOOD-TIME

Uschi sits, Tanj runs around

Uschi still sitting, Tanj not so much

Maybe the food is under here?

Come ONnnnnn

Faster Mommmm

Uschi cleans up Tanj's stray chunks


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