Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Eucalyptus Tree Climbing

The Eucalyptus trees are a regular stop on our trail "walks". The boys are beginning to learn the trails. When we are on the trails that lead to the Eucalyptus trees, they will all of a sudden realize it and sprint ahead. We see them dive off the trail and when we finally get there they are running around the base, jumping on each other and shooting off into the tall grass near the tree.

Tanj stalks

and coils for a spring into the grass


Uschi stalks the camera


his eyes start looking upwards

Then he gets focused

and springs into the branches

and hangs

but the boys are getting stronger and

Uschi digs his claws in and propels himself up

Not to be out done

Tanj shows he is the stronger climber

But not always,...

the best descender.

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