Thursday, July 20, 2006

Revenge Of The Water Snake

The boys found another Big Green Water Snake (Hosi greenii) while on a walk last night. The snake was "coiled-up" in the middle of one of the back trails. This time around Tanj was much more confident in himself and

both boys approached the yellow head
of the vicious viper.

Tanj even gave it a few good sniffs

Before licking a paw and backing off

This left Uschi to investigate

and reapproach the head

and following his same tactics as during his
first encounter he pounced on it

It appeared to be asleep

So he

licked his chops and thought of other things to do

Just then the snake came alive and
Uschi jumped into action

He chased after its spray

and seemed confused when it dribbled
its venom on his head

Soon the snake went back to sleep

and our fearless Uschi again checked the snake's vitals

Confident the Big Green Water Snake was soundly asleep

He headed for the high ground of the picnic table

and cleaned off the snake's spray.

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Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Thanks for visiting the Blog and for your comments. Congratulations on your new family member. Please keep us posted Tigs and Theo's adventures. Our boys are interested in water but haven't gotten into the shower or in deeper water in the tub. They walk along the edge of the tub when we are in it and will dip their paws in, especially if we put a floating toy in there to entice them. They do get into the tub when we are filling it, but only when the water is at one end, they get out as soon as the water reaches their paws. We always supervise them with the water.