Sunday, October 22, 2006

Broken Kitty

Pet the kitty, NOW!

Uschi was a little "regal" when we first got him. He sauntered, he posed, he meowed aloofly.... Well, over the past month, Uschi apparently has been "broken," because he'll do anything for pets. We just have to look at him, and he'll roll over on his back, belly exposed, feet kneading the air, begging for pets with little chirpy cries. Occasionally he appears a little embarrassed by his total abandon and sits up proudly with ears folded back, but you just need to hold out your hand, and he is rolling around on his back again.

I see you...

That hand could be petting me...

mew, mew

Here's better petting access...

C'mon, fewer photos, more petting!!

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