Saturday, October 21, 2006

Straw Boy

One of Uschi's favorite toys is a plastic drinking straw. It is true, some cats seem to love plastic straws. A few months back we purchased a pack of straws for the boys and gave them one, which they enjoyed to death, we then forgot about straws as toys. After reading that Dax likes straws I remembered that Uschi likes straws also, so I dug one out and threw it on the floor. Uschi was on the other side of the room apparently asleep on the sectional. As soon as it hit the floor, like a straw makes a lot of noise falling on a carpet, his head popped up, he then came jogging across the room and attacked it. Uschi does like little plastic toys, such as the "Kookie Kitty Kurli-Q," while Tanji doesn't seem to be too attracted to them, not that he will pass up on a toy.

Uht-ooo, it almost got away,...

too much blood flowing, results in an ear itch.

Mmmm, good straw,...

I love my straw,...

What'cha doin' over there?

Get back here.

Back-off Tanji,...

Tanj arrives at the sounds of play,...

and chomps down on the straw,
as Uschi looks on.


its like dental floss.

Grrr, this is my straw dad.

Thanks for the straw.

A final loving look.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Haha! That's awesome! Go Uschi!!!